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If you’re spread wafer thin across more projects than you dare think about, needing space for strategic planning (but mired in the ‘doing’), I can help.

I take on discrete projects or jump in to plug resourcing gaps – flexible, stand-out solutions to your communication problems. I’m the extra pair of experienced hands you’ve been looking for … and the antidote to your 80 hour working week …

Skilled support to help you achieve your goals

You’ve only got a small team and the demands of BAU are keeping you from knocking over strategic priorities. I’ve been there. Trying to keep Leadership Teams and Board members happy and your own vision on track. It’s a juggle.

Sandwiched between a multitude of pressing deadlines and wearing way too many hats, you need an experienced communications specialist to help you get where you need to be. Runs on the board, goals kicked, ulcers prevented.

Someone who understands your challenges 

Someone who is flexible and responsive

Someone who delivers rapid results with no unnecessary hand-holding.

Having worked across the not-for-profit/charity space for a decade and counting – in areas like child protection, fostering, disability, brain injury, seniors issues and survivors of terrorism – I’m quick to assimilate and committed to delivering the results you’ve been looking for. No flying umbrella, sadly, but otherwise I’m the Mary Poppins to your George Banks.

Newsletter and blog writing, or a web copy refresh to better connect with the people you need to reach

Thought leadership to provoke change, raise your profile and cement your credentials in the sector

Sensitively sourced case studies that build human connection and bring your mission and your impact to life

Compelling marketing collateral – ads, radio scripts, fliers, donor emails and more – to deliver results

Annual reports and resources that achieve maximum impact with minimal organisational pain

A communications chameleon you can trust to just jump in and deal with whatever the day brings!

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Case Study: The Fostering Network

The Fostering Network is the UK’s leading fostering charity, bringing together everyone who is involved in the lives of fostered children. They champion fostering and seek to create vital change so that foster care is the very best it can be.

The Brief

I was brought on board to provide PR support for Foster Care Fortnight and, in doing so, I interviewed young people and foster families to identify personal stories and media talent. The team were so moved by the stories I uncovered that they commissioned me to carry out more interviews and create a collection of personal reflections to show what foster care really means.

The Outcome

The resulting stories became the foundations of the charity’s Not So Broken campaign –  ‘not so broken’ being an expression used by a young man whose life had been transformed by the love and support of a new family.

Kathleen Toner, Director.

“Emma is a consummate storyteller – engendering trust with her interviewees because she communicates their reality, which means she always gets to the heart of the matter without compromising anyone’s integrity or memories. A gifted professional.”