Your work matters
so does your message

Communication that amplifies and
inspires, connects and compels.
Services for businesses with a conscience,
social enterprises and not-for-profits.


Making words
work harder

Powerful, purposeful words and
carefully crafted strategies.
Bringing your values and your mission,
your impact and your difference, to life.


Speak their language
not yours

Talk to your customers’ hopes and fears,
their problems and your solutions.
Make signing up, connecting or buying
the easiest decision they ever made.

Win hearts, minds and customers

Communication for big brands and one (wo)man bands, whether you’re driving large-scale social change or making a difference one person at a time.

Be unmissable in your market

Those dream customers and lifelong supporters you’re searching for? They don’t just want to hear what you do, they want to *feel* the difference you make.

Because impact wins over intent, every single time.

So, if you want them on your books, on your mailing list or on your balance sheet, you need to show them how life could be better with you in it; how this world is better because of the work you do.

But you have to speak their language, not yours.

If you’re one of these people,
you’re my kind of people

Overloaded NFP marketer

“I need space to focus on strategy and help to deliver some wins”

This is me

Multi-tasking solopreneur

“I tried to save money by doing it myself; this just isn’t my skill-set”

This is me

Up-levelling service provider

“We’re not talking our customers’ language and we should be”

This is me

How can I help?


Strategic, targeted and persuasive copy for websites, adverts, brochures, blogs and everything in between.

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Brand voice

User-friendly guidelines to help you speak consistently and compellingly to the people you want to reach.

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Sensitively gathered stories from the real people behind your purpose, to show the impact you’ve had.

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Who am I?

I’m Emma Edwards – heart-centred, purpose-powered wordsmith for businesses with a conscience, social enterprises and the not-for-profit sector.

Once a journalist, I moved into media management over a decade ago before making the charity and purposeful business sector my home.

In that time, I’ve been a strategic thinker, word-wrangler and trusted ally for charities and small businesses working hard to make their mark on humanity.

I tell the stories that deserve to be heard, give brands the voice they’ve been looking for, and help purposeful people and organisations communicate their impact and value.

I show the people you need why they need you, turning prospects into customers and onlookers into supporters.

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People I've worked with

“Emma is a creative, clever and reliable copywriting powerhouse. She sets the bar high and provides impeccable research and material across any subject matter, some of which are highly specific and challenging! On a personal note, she is an utter delight to deal with. We’re grateful for her warmth and care. She is incredibly efficient and gets on with the job without any issues or hiccups. We are very grateful to have Emma providing us with such wonderful and thoughtful words!”

Rachel Ryan, Policy & Communications Manager with Way ForwardA not for-profit-organisation helping Australians in financial difficulty become debt free.

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