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Empower your brand to reach its potential by investing in impeccable communication. Whether you’re in the market for compelling conceptual copy, stories that make your audience sit up and take notice, or a brand voice that gives your organisation the edge, I’ve got the skills and experience to deliver.


Words matter – make them work for you. Carefully crafted copy builds connection, drives action and draws in revenue; it brings your brand to life.

To make a difference you first need to make the connection – with those you want to help or those whose help you need. That means having an unrelenting focus on your audience and giving them the information they need to make a decision. The decision to support or work with you.

Great copy connects with your prospects, conveys your impact, and compels your audience to act.

I help by

  • Supporting hard-working, heart-centred solopreneurs, small businesses and not-for-profits like you to connect with your target audience through carefully crafted copy.
  • Wowing your customers and supporters with impactful website copy, brochures, taglines, thought leadership, blogs, emails and more. The full communications package.
  • Delivering crystal-clear, captivating copy that works (almost) as hard as you do.

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Brand voice

Having a clear sense of your business values, what makes you different from your competitors and why your customers choose you, is the cornerstone of your marketing and communication strategy. It’s what attracts people to you, and convinces them to part with their hard-earned cash.

Your brand’s tone of voice needs to be distinctive – to be a genuine reflection of who you are and what you stand for. It should build trust, influence and persuade.

If your communication is ‘same same’ as the rest or, worse, consistently inconsistent, you run the risk of becoming white noise in the marketplace. On the other hand, if you’re different (better!) than the rest, show it.

By tapping into your brand’s personality and expressing its values in every communication, you can speak directly and compellingly to your ideal customers.

I help by

  • Getting to the heart and soul of your organisation – who you are, and who you aspire to be, what your customers and staff see and what they need to feel about you to stay engaged.
  • Understanding your sector and the competitive environment, your current and *ideal* customers.
  • Crafting a brand voice and key messaging that reflects your ideal customers’ motivations, speaks to their pain points and builds meaningful connection. A blueprint for compelling communication across every channel.

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If people are your purpose, then storytelling is your secret weapon. Authentic, engaging narratives to connect clients, customers, decision-makers and supporters with your mission. Bringing passion and purpose to life in hearts as well as minds.

Incisive, impactful and shareable stories communicate the value your organisation brings to those it serves. Those personal accounts paint in glorious technicolour both the need and the solution, bringing your mission and values into focus.

They can celebrate, agitate and inspire action; driving donations, supporting advocacy agendas, adding the human touch to research and demonstrating the commercial impact of your expertise.

I help by

  • Tapping into the human experiences that define your brand, using sensitive interviewing techniques.
  • Telling stories from the people behind your purpose, to show the human impact of everything you do… your ‘why’.
  • Creating content that’s as purposeful and powerful as your work, for use in fundraising materials, annual reports, social and mainstream media.

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“We have been blown away by Emma’s work! We had an idea for a detailed and creative marketing tool for our business and engaged Emma at the concept stage. She was able to advise on direction of the project and showed great flexibility as the project developed.

Emma showed a great ability to capture personal stories and translate these into content that perfectly suited our marketing objectives. We will definitely be using Emma for future projects and can’t recommend her services highly enough to anyone needing a similarly high-value, powerful writer for their business.”

Joel HudsonChief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Professional Coaches

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