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So who's behind WfP?

That’s me – Emma.

Northern Ireland-er let loose in the Antipodes.

I’m a former journalist whose love of a good story (and an even better cause) enticed her out of journalism and into the not-for-profit sector. That was over a decade ago – when I realised that the stories I kept chasing weren’t front pages, but those that made me (and my readers) feel something. Stories that built human connection and a will to do better by our fellow (wo)man. Sounds corny, but it’s true.

So, having realised I was never going to cut it as a ruthless hack, I decided to use my word-wielding powers for good, and help people like you kick some goals. These days, armed with my trusty laptop and an aged iphone, I can be found just north of Brisbane, shamefully cruising Daily Mail Online when I really should be working…

If your organisation has a story to tell – lived experience that deserves a voice – then you’re in the right place. Creative concepts and deft wordsmithing for organisations with purpose and clear human impact are my sweet spot.

What you get when you work with me

A strategic eye

I want what you want – success. So, I start by understanding the nuts and bolts of your business and what it is you’re trying to achieve. No shots in the dark, just carefully considered strategy and polished execution.

An overachiever (not over-promiser)

I’ve been described as ‘a gun’, a ‘life-saver’, a ‘Bl**DY LEGEND’.  Truth is, I love nothing more than happy customers and I will not be satisfied until you’re giddy with delight. Because you deserve no less.

A wing-woman

I work with people and brands I like and believe in – that means you can pick up the phone or drop an email to shoot the breeze or bounce ideas. If we work together, I’m in your corner.

Work with me

“Emma delivers the goods and then some. She is able to quickly speak to the heart of the organisation and articulate the complex and nuanced in a way stakeholders can easily understand.”

Faye LawrenceFounder, Untoxicated

Brands I’ve worked with